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All persons living in apartment over the age of 18

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Deposit Statement

The deposit you have made is an earnest money deposit that will hold this apartment during the processing of this application and will not be refunded after the 1) three days have passed or 2) Application has been approved. If this application is not approved by us, the full amount of your deposit will be returned to you. If you fail to submit required verifications for income and rental history within 24 hours of this application, you will forfeit your earnest monies. Upon execution of the Lease your earnest money deposit will be applied toward our Damage and Security Deposit which is due upon application approval/assignment.

  1. After you have been notified of approval of your application a lease agreement must be signed within ten (10) business days or our offer to lease may be withdrawn and your earnest money shall be retained by us as liquidated damages.
  2. Pets are not allowed unless agreed to in writing by both parties and appropriate fees paid in full.
  3. Possession of the premises is not guaranteed until WWCo deems the apt. is ready for occupancy. WWCo shall not be liable for any delay in possess of the premises due to causes beyond its direct control.

Applicant has submitted a non-refundable application and processing fee of $(Fee amount here). This fee is not a rental payment or deposit amount. This fee will be utilized by management to cover the costs for the credit and background check and verification of application information. In the event this application is approved or disapproved, this amount is non-refundable and will be retained by management.

The applicant warrants and represents the information on this application to be true and correct. All persons and firms name may freely give any requested information concerning me and I hereby waive all right of action for any consequence resulting from such action. The undersigned authorizes Wilson White Company, Inc. to release all information contained in this application on behalf and for the benefit of the undersigned. I understand that Wilson White Company, Inc. may obtain a background report including information as to my credit and criminal history, in connection with my application and that my application may be rejected based on information contained in the report.

I have read and accept the terms above.